What our patients have to say. 

In the Spring of 1996 I overheard a conversation while I was waiting for a medical screening.  One person said he was looking for a dentist. The other said he knew of a topnotch dentist named Thomas Green in the city of Brea. I was searching for a dentist too, so I made a mental note, “Thomas Green,” and arranged an appointment with him. I’ve so delightfully been with Dr. Green ever since.  I had a difficult mouth with chipped, yellowed, badly shaped teeth, too many inferior fillings and significant gum recession. Over the years, Dr. Green has cheerfully addressed every problem I had. He referred me to skillful periodontal specialists when needed. I think Dr. Green loves his work. He always provides meticulous attention to detail and dedication to excellence in every procedure he conducts. Recently Dr. Green reworked my whole set of teeth with beautiful veneers. It’s been a lifelong dream for me to have beautiful teeth. Dr. Green has given me this gift.  Dr. Green is truly one of the best persons I know. I plan for him to be my dentist for life.     
Marsha Chase
Seal Beach, CA

I found out Dr. Green was creating a new website and thought I might send a testimonial even though I was not asked to do so. My wife and I have been visting Dr. Green for over 15 years and we are very happy, not only with the service Dr. Green provides but also the care we ger from his support staff and hygenists. You won't be unhappy with the services and care you get from Dr. Green.

Tom & Teresa
Chino Hills, CA

Dr. Thomas M Green DDS

Dr. Green has been my dentist since 1988. He became my dentist after Dr. Fritcher, who was my dentist dating back to 1957. There could not have been a better dentist than Dr. Green to replace him. Anne, my wife, and I do not fear the dentist when it is Dr.Green. He can do the job and we do not have to worry about the pain when we go to the dentist . We have both had caps put on our teeth with no problems or pain. He has even done some drilling on my teeth without novacaine, but only after consulting with me first. It was painless. He is our partner, who works with us to keep our dental needs satisfied. He only recommends the services that I need and want. That means I don't pay more than is really necessary to keep my teeth as good as they can be. If it doesn't need to be done,he doesn't do it.

Dr. Green is a dentist that can be trusted. He does excellent top quality dentistry. He does it right the first time. We have the best dentist ever. We think that there has never been a more qualified, friendly, and pain free dentist that we are so lucky to have.

Ronald and Anne Smith
Ontario, , CA

Dr. Green has been our family dentist for almost twenty five years.  He and his staff are always pleasant and professional.  We have been blessed innumerable times and ways over the years, not only for his talents as a dentist but as a friend with an understanding ear. Thank you Dr. Green.

Emory "Pete" and Diane Lewis
Fullerton, CA

Dr. Green is a “mouth-saver”! I was referred to his office for a second opinion more than a decade ago. Dr. Green discovered a major problem developing in my jaw. Dr. Green was able to address the problem that no other dentists were able to even diagnose.; I have been loyal patient of Dr. Green ever since!

My mother-in-law put off going to the dentist for years, having had prior painful experiences over the years we convinced her to become a patient of
Dr.Green’s. Her experience was so positive that she no longer dreads going to the dentist.

We recommend Dr. Green without any reservations. I’m especially pleased that Dr. Green is younger than I am; this means he will be my dentist for as long as I live!

Dave Master
Chino Hills, CA

When I tell my family and friends that I absolutely love my dentist and always look forward to going for my appointments, they groan and look at me in disbelief. Dr. Green has been my dentist since he began his practice in Brea many years ago. His staff greets you with a smile and makes one feel comfortable and at ease.

Years ago, I used to bring my young step-son, Alex, to Dr. Green for check-ups, fillings, etc. Dr. Green was great with him....kind, gentle, funny...a good experience for a child to take into adulthood. I also brought my dear mother to Dr. Green when she was in her eighties. Again, Mom was treated with respect, kindness, gentle care, and she always left smiling.

Don't let the quaint dental office in downtown Brea fool you. It is welcoming, comfortable, and the latest in dental procedures are performed with the highest professional care and concern. From the dental assistants, hygienists, and front office personnel, one knows they are at "Brea's Best" when it comes to good dental health and care! I can recommend Dr. Thomas Green and his staff with the greatest confidence that you will find a new "dental home" with his practice, also.

Patty DeRose
Yorba Linda, CA